The Best Porthole Mirrors for Sale

We all like a porthole mirror, nothing says coastal style in a bathroom or hallway than a suitabley nautical mirror. The porthole or scuttle makes a lovely nautical mirror with the glass replaced with mirror, so that it can be used to see your reflection.

Let’s take a look around the web and see where is the best place to buy one.

Next Chrome Porthole Mirror

This chrome porthole mirror is from the high street shop Next, and is in their Nautical bathroom collection. It is a chrome mirror and has a diameter of 50cm. Next have a large collection of Nautical products.

Next also have a darker metal, Pewter, porthole mirror called the Hudson, in case you are looking for an alternative. The price for either is £90.

Dunelm Porthole Mirror

Budget homeware store Dunelm also have a version of the chrome bathroom port hole mirror. This one only has 2 stars from the reviews, which might be worth bearing in mind, but it is much cheaper than the Next mirror at only £25.

It is only 34cm in size.

Wayfair Brass PortHole Mirror Home Loft Concept

This mirror is brass in colour, and is mid-priced in comparison to the others mentioned above, at only £44.99.

It is called the home loft concept porthole mirror. I am not sure which lofts have portholes, but it must be part of a series of homeware products that they have for sale in their shop.

The measurements are 20cmx20cm, so it is by far the smallest mirror we have looked at.


Other good places to look include eBay, the auction website. They have ones similar to the mirrors above, but also have authentic antique portholes from ships that have been turned into mirrors or windows. The prices of these vary depending upon their authenticity, style and size.

The sizes of the best ones that we have looked at vary quite a bit as do the prices. There are also a few smaller sellers who are advertising their’s online, so it may be worth a good search.

Nautical glass vases

Where is the best place to buy nautical or coastal vases? Let’s take a look and see which shops are selling what and which ones we like the look of the best.

We are looking for something that would look good in a beach hut or coastal decor house or home.

John Lewis.

John Lewis had a dedicated line of coastal products on their website recently, so they are bound to have glasswear and vases to fit into any nautical styled room.

John Lewis Spiral Vase, Peacock

This vase has a blue wave, or spiral effect, which matches the nautical style we are after. The vase would look good with flowers in, or even something a bit more coastal like shells.

The price for the spiral vase is £30.

Large Glass Vase with Rope Handle

The glass vase from a shop called Beau Decor, which specialises in French shabby chic decor, has the classic rope handle vase for sale for just £25.

Although it is quite plain, it would suit many purposes, such as for flowers or for places decorative items inside.

RLR.John Rocha Blue Bowl Vase

Adding more colour this vase available at Debenhams by their designer John Rocha and imaginatively called the blue bowl vase, well that is what it is, is the blue bowl vase.

The blue colour and the swirly pattern exude the effect of waves at the beach. The price is £19.60, at the time of writing that is a 30% discount.

Rope Handle Hurricane Vase with Copper Wire LED lights

This one is a little different as it includes copper wire fairy lights. Sold by

Not only can the vase be used with the lights which look like little fireflies magically living inside the vase, it has the rope handle coastal styling and can also be used for flowers or pine cones or any other use.

The cost is £19.99 including the copper string lights.

So, a quick round up of a selection of coastal style glass vases from a number of different shops. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments, we would be glad to hear them.