Ocean going kayaks

If you are a fan of all things nautical then perhaps you like boats and shipping? There are hundreds of different types, those with sails, engines or motors, and even those that you power by hand.

Many people like to have an ornament of a boat or ship in their house, especially if they are sailors who own or used to sail on a ship. Some even make ornamental ships out of wood or matchsticks to display in their houses.

Some types of ships


A yacht is a type of boat or ship that has sails. There are many different types, a yacht is usually used for recreation purposes, although these days a large motorised boat owned by the sup rich is often called a yacht.

Rowing boat

A rowing boat is one, usually made of wood, that comes with two oars. You sit in the boat and row the boat for propulsion, you can go backwards or forwards.

A Kayak or canoe

Similar to a rowing boat, although usually mage of plastic, or wood you paddle these with either a single ended canoe paddle or a paddle with a blade on each side for a kayak. They usually are built for one person but you can paddle in a 2 or 3 person kayak. They can be used on rivers as well as seas. These are known as ocean or sea-kayaks.

In recent times fabric and man made material is strong enough for inflatable kayaks to be come available and these can be as rigid and strong as their plastic counterparts

Container ships

You may have read about the EverGiven, his very large container ship got stuck in the Suez canal. Container ships are used for transporting freight around the world’s seas and are very large, some holding many thousands of containsers full of stuff destined for a foreign port.

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